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My Brilliant Writing Planner came from a place of desperation. Best selling author, Susan May Warren had to untangle her life. More than untangle. She wanted to design a life she couldn’t wait to get up for every day. 
A life aligned with her values. A life in sync with her core beliefs. So that at the end her month, her year, her life, there would be no regrets.
It’s About So Much More Than Writing
See, My Brilliant Writing Planner isn’t just about writing—it’s about designing an entire life (friendships, health, daily habits and activities), career goals (writing deadlines, marketing, entrepreneurial goals, networking goals) and a plan for the spiritual life of a writer. 
And it all starts with you getting serious and asking two critical questions:  
What is the story you want to live?
How will you make it happen? 
My Brilliant Planner will help you answer both questions and show you how to make your dreams a reality.  
Ready? Find out more here. Let’s go create an amazing life!

 - Plan for Success by creating a personal vision based on your values, finding goals that fit you and your vision, organizing your time, habit-stacking, and even setting up a publishing strategy.

- Brainstorming and Project Boards to hone your ideas and create actionable projects. Quarterly and 90-day task sheets help you break them into energizing and goal-crushing tasks

- Make it Happen with the Month-at-a-Glance and weekly planners.

- Put Action to your Task List with the Daily Logs, a week-at-a-glance planner that incorporates not only your big projects but daily habits, menus and exercise/life activities

- Stay Motivated with the daily inspiration section 

- Analyze and plan for the next amazing month with the month and quarter-end analysis 

- Finish your year with a review and a plan for the next 

- And, don’t forget the BONUS Section in the back. Brainstorming and plotting sheets for three books, including an indie-book project sheet to track your deadlines and finances!


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