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For the writer and authorpreneur who wants to create a brilliant life and impactful career. 

Dream. Plan. Do. 

all in one amazing planner. 


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A Brilliant Writing career doesn't just happen.

you have to plan for it.

~ USA Today best-selling, RITA award-winning author Susan May Warren


Creatives are a different breed of people. We know we have to do “real world” tasks, but so much of our brain is taken up with the joy of creation. Unfortunately, we also have to “get stuff done.”

Welcome to the planner that understands.

My Brilliant Writing Planner started from a desperate need from the founder, USA Today best-selling, award-winning author, Susan May Warren to untangle and tame her life. More, she wanted a life more aligned with her personal values, the goals that helped her write her story, on the page and in real life.

Because it’s easy to get derailed. To find yourself living moment by moment, not in tune with your values, your goals.

Living someone else’s story.

My Brilliant Writing Planner isn’t just about writing—it includes life activities (dinner, exercise, daily habits and activities), career goals (deadlines, marketing, entrepreneurial goals) and a place for the essential spiritual life of a writer. 

And it all starts with a serious look at your gifts, talents and values. What is the story you want to write…and live?

Honestly, it’s not about the right planner. It’s about how you work out the plan. But, My Brilliant Writing planner is where creativity, business organization and life comes together. While it aligns to help you tell your story.

Let us show you how.

Brilliant Plan •Brilliant Career • Brilliant Life

Your Story Matters...



About the Planner

  • 8x10

  • Hardcover

  • Coil Bound (New binding opens and closes smoothly and will not fall apart)

  • Elastic Closing Strap

  • Back cover pocket

  • Tabbed Months with Weekly Planning

  • Monthly Word-Count Tracking

  • Habit Tracking and Time Templates

  • Brainstorming & Project Planning Sheets

  • 12 Week Sprints/Quarterly Planning

  • 52 weeks of inspiration/journal pages, weekly tasks lists and weekly (daily) calendars

  • Quarterly and Yearly personal evaluation

  • Plotting and Brainstorming pages for 2 Novels

  • 434 pages (yes, it’s big, but so is your story!)

  • Online course on dream-boards, values-based planning, creating a personal vision, SMART goals, organizing your time, habit-stacking, and even creating personal life goals, setting up a writing plan, mastering social media, finding time for sacred rest, and other tips on creating your brilliant story.

  • Finally, an Online Community to help inspire and equip you for a Brilliant Writing Year and creating your story

How It Works

It starts with a Yearly Planning section to help you figure out WHAT to create...and most importantly Why. Did into your values, figure out your priorities and start living aligned with who you were created to be.


Then, move on to the time management section, to help you live a sane, productive, focused (and joy-filled!) life.


You'll learn how to break down your goals into monthly and weekly tasks, with tips for organizing your day, your week and your year. (You might even want to create quarterly sprints—we’ll show you how!)


The real magic happens in the planning pages. Pretty and organized, each weekly spread sections have a place for journaling, for meal planning, exercise, habit-stacking, errands, appointments and most importantly...word count! The 2020 planner includes a daily and monthly word count tracker. (Because progress = momentum = nailing those goals!)


Finally, we take writing seriously. The planner includes enough storycrafting sheets to write two brilliant novels..


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