Dalyn Weller

Author of Rooted & Blooming, Flourishing In Desert Seasons

I love the My Brilliant Writing Planner because it has room to organize and record every aspect of my life. From spiritual practices and growth to daily to-do lists, month-at-a-glance pages, monthly tabs and then on to organizing your writing, marketing, and family activities.

Every day has plenty of room to record whatever I need. There are habit trackers, and goal setting sections for the year, month, week, and day!

My personal favorite are novel planning pages and character SEQ sheets. The planner is large, but it’s encompasses your whole life, including writing. I accomplished more than I thought possible in my writing, publishing and self-care with the My Brilliant Planner this year. This planner helped me stay on track with word goals, marketing, and fitness goals.

The SEQ sheets changed my life.


Jeanne Takenaka

My Brilliant Writing Planner has been an immense help in organizing my writing life and my real life. From keeping track of my weekly and monthly calendar, to writing down struggles and accomplishments each month and planning with those in mind, to tracking the physical care for me . . . this planner has been instrumental in helping manage the different aspects of my life. I definitely intend to purchase the 2019 planner. 


Rachel Russell

The planner has had a positive impact on my writing for several reasons. It affords me the opportunity to put into writing many pieces of my life I had otherwise been leaving to memory—which would fail. For example, the year in review, in addition to projecting out my coming year goals. Creating and tracking my 90-day goals gives my writing forward momentum and markers for achievement, as well as areas of improvement. Because it cohesively ties in family life, personal goals, and my writing, I’m better able to balance and ensure I have space in my day, week, or month, for each individual piece—without becoming overwhelmed. I’m new to using a planner and this is the first one that’s struck a chord with me and hit all the marks.


Tammy Karasek

I purchased the 2018 My Brilliant Writing Planner the night that Susie May Warren showed it! 

When I got it, I was amazed at how thorough it was. I usually have two planners going, life and writing, and this blended them together well. But the bonus is that Susie has given you extra tools for your writing journey to help you. Charts to fill out, brainstorming sheets and so much more. 

I love having life and writing in one planner and it has allowed me to get into a better schedule or routine for all of it. By being able to see what I need to accomplish for my writing goals within my regular calendar, I can easily say yes or no when someone asks me to do something. 


Shirley Gould

I purchased the 2018 planner and have used it this year to organize different aspects of my works in progress.

Using the Dreamboard Writing page I was able to see the fiction books I'm working on and the non-fiction books that are on the back burner in one place. It gave me an overview of my writing career that drives my passion to keep putting words on pages.

The 90-Day Goals pages have helped me keep the craft of writing and the business of writing plotted and planned. An agent requested the first five chapters of my novel, three devotionals, a table of contents for a non-fiction book I'm writing for ladies, and an extended bio as well as my original proposal and platform. During this time I also hired a virtual assistant to work on my social media projects. This one page was amazing for organizing this work-load.

The A Month at a Glance pages helped me keep track of my progress in an orderly fashion. The Storycrafting pages in the back of the book are amazing. I've used them to plot, plan and do a rough story plot of a Christmas novella I'm writing. I plan to use the November calendar to post and track my progress for NaNoWriMo. The My Story Matters planner is a great tool for any writer. I plan to purchase the 2019 edition and encourage inspiring authors to utilize this tool. It will help you write something brilliant.


Elizabeth Goddard

I used to be a Franklin Covey girl then tried the Bullet Journal method. As a writer and a Christian, I love using My Brilliant Writing Planner--it’s like someone crawled into my disorganized brain to see exactly the kind of planner I needed!


Paige Newsom

I have the 2018 planner and it’s very useful. My daughter is actually the writer in our family but I use the sections for different projects: teaching school, training horses, chores, etc. I love it!