The Brilliant Writing Planner 2019 

Classy, Pretty, Motivational

the place to create your vision, stay motivated, ignite your writing, improve productivity, live with joy and get it all done.

  • Jumpstart your Year with analysis and planning to discover the most lucrative and joy-driven projects, a place for reflecting, dreaming big and following your passions.

  • Plan for Success with the Brainstorming and Priorities lists to hone your ideas and create actionable projects.

  • A Time Template allows you budget your time and get a realistic picture of your goals.

  • A Year-At-A-Glance project plan helps you get a fly-over view of your year.

  • Habit Stacking is a system that allow you to reserve brain power for the big projects (and still get those everyday tasks accomplished!)

  • Make it Happen with the Month-at-a-Glance and weekly planners.You’ll see your projects take form.

  • Put Action to your Task List with the Daily Logs, a week-at-a-glance planner that incorporates not only your big projects but daily habits, menus and exercise/life activities.

  • Stay Motivated with the daily inspiration section, a place to connect with your creative side before you jump into your day.

  • Analyze and plan for the next amazing month with the month-end analysis.

  • Assess and Replan every season for maximum results

  • Finish your year with a review and a plan for the next.


And enough Storycrafting pages to plot out two great stories.

You’ll be amazed with the brilliant year you had, all you learned, all you accomplished…all the joy you discovered. 

And, don’t forget the BONUS Section in the back. Brainstorming and plotting sheets for three books, including an indie-book project sheet to track your deadlines and finances! 

This is more than a planner, it’s a keeper of your dreams. Because your story—the one you live and the one you create—matters. 

8x10, Hardcover, Tabbed Months, Wire Bound 490 pages (yes, it’s big, but so is your life.)