Dare Greatly Journal - Typewriter and Ink Design

  • 5.5in x 8.5in
  • 208 pages
  • 45 sets of journaling pages
  • 10 sets of My Big Ideas pages
  • 1 Prayer Targets/Goals page

Your story matters! The one you’re living, the one you’re writing in your heart, the one you’re struggling to get on the page. It matters because you are created, one of a kind, by a God who has put that story in your heart. It matters because you matter, and you were designed to make an impact on the world.

It’s time to dare greatly. To move forward into your dreams, your goals, the vision ahead. This journal was first designed and used by me in my early years as a pre-published novelist. I then adapted it for our intensive writers’ retreats. So many aspiring writers loved it, that we decided to make it available to all the brilliant writers out there.

You’ll start with your dreams and create prayer targets—something specific you can converse about with the Lord. The date column is to record when that prayer was answered, or when you accomplished your goal. The journal is designed to be a place of dreams, not one more item on your task list. A tool of encouragement to reach those dreams.

The daily, or occasional pages—however you want to use them—are designed to help you take a moment before you write to breathe, calm your spirit, find that why inside, and clear your heart of those obstacles that might detour your writing. You’ll remind yourself of your previous victories, and be honest about your challenges. You’ll set new goals…and then identify that specific next step to ignite your writing session.

Easy. Straightforward. A way to clear your palate, at least for a block of time, to help you focus.

Available in

  • Clothbound with Dustjacket - $22
  • Hardbound with image - $20
  • Coil Bound - $18
  • Paperback - $15

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