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Let’s Plan for a Brilliant Year!

Dream, Plan and Do!

An all-in-one amazing planner for creatives and the career novelist/authorpreneur—someone who wants their whole life in one big book.

Classy, Pretty, Motivational—the place to create your vision, stay motivated, ignite your writing, improve productivity, live with joy and get it all done.

Plan for Success by creating a personal vision based on your values, finding goals that fit you and your vision, organizing your time, habit-stacking, and even setting up a publishing strategy.


The My Brilliant Writing Planner has been updated to include a black-and-white or colorized options and different sizes and bindings.


(View the images and choose the color option at check out)

Available in 6 x 8 coil and paperback, and 8.5 x 11 in hardbound and coil.


Plan for success by creating a personal vision based on your values, creating Create goals that fit your vision, organizing your time, habit stacking, and even setting up a publishing strategy.


Hone your ideas and create actionable projects by breaking your goals down into quarterly tasks. Then make it happen with the monthly Priorities at a Glance. Put action to your task list with the My Goals Reflect My Values and the Let’s Make it Happen pages that incorporate not only your big projects but daily habits, menus, and exercise/life activities.

Stay motivated with the Daily Inspiration section. 

Analyze and plan for the next amazing month with the Monthly and Quarterly Review. Finish your year with a Year-End Review and begin planning for 2023.

And, don’t forget the BONUS Section in the back. Brainstorming and plotting sheets for two books.


Your story—the one you live and the one you create—matters. It’s time to plan YOUR brilliant writing year.

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