Your Story Matters. 

Capture it all in one amazing planner 


My Brilliant Writing Planner started from a core desire of the founder, novelist and entrepreneur Susan May Warren, to create a life of impact and meaning…a life story that mattered.

In her words...

I remember when I first started writing. I had no idea where to start, what kind of stories I wanted to write, or even HOW to get that story on the page. I just knew I wanted to write. The desire to get a story on the page burned inside me.

But at the same time, I was a missionary, living in Russia, teaching ESL, homeschooling my children and wanting to live a life that mattered.

I wanted a life story that mattered.


It still does. Every year I strive to be a better writer, a better wife, mother, servant in my community, leader and to make an impact on my world.

And, I imagine you do, too.

I started writing while I lived in Siberia (yes, you heard that right--cold, snowy, Siberia). Alone. No one to help me, overwhelmed and not a little discouraged. Fifteen years later, I've published over 70 books in five different genres, have landed on numerous bestseller lists (including USA Today), won the RITA, CHRISTY and CAROL awards (and others) and started a school for novelists.

Along the way, I've learned a few things about getting stuff done. Like homeschooling and feeding the hungry while meeting deadlines; remodeling a house and trying to stay active in church when imaginary people are talking to you. And needing to learn marketing and business skills that really work (as opposed to what they taught me in college!)

But I also needed to stay sane, live a life of daily joy and be true to my values and the person God created me to be.

So…it boiled over into this amazing values-focused life planning system called My Brilliant Writing Planner. Sure, we have writing in the title, but really, it’s about life. And writing. And joy and faith.

And living out your story.

The system is easy, organic, works with those who have a creative mind and still organizes your time into a manageable joy-filled plan!

Check out the sample pages and see for yourself. 

Your story matters. Capture it all in your own My Brilliant Writing Planner!