A life with Impact

A note from the creator, Susan May Warren: 

Just like you, I’m a busy person. I run three businesses, have four children, volunteer in my church, nurture a successful marriage, speak and teach around the world, attempt to eat right, exercise daily, take care of my mind and strive to live a life that impacts the world for good. 

Early in my writing career, I knew I had to create a way to combine all these habits, roles and activities into a daily and yearly management system that didn’t overload my plate, allowed my creative mind time to write, kept food on the table and my body healthy, made sure I showed up to football practice to pick up the kids and kept our finances in the black. And, I wanted a daily system that allowed for me to spend time nurturing my relationship with God. Tall order, but over the past decade, sixty-five novels, eight writing books and the launch of Novel.Academy, and many many burned dinners….I figured it out.

It’s like a budget. You allocate time, and you use that time.

But you have to understand how to allocate the time. And how to use it effectively.

(I’ll be glad to teach you how!)

Honestly, it’s not about the right planner. It’s about how you work out the plan.

But the Brilliant Writing planner is where it comes together.

For years, I struggled to find the right planner—one built for the creative mind, the spiritual person, an entrepreneur and writer and a busy get-it-all-done woman. I usually ended up with four planners—a journal for my inner life, a wall calendar for the family activities, a business planner for my marketing and speaking events and a writing journal where I could capture my brainstorming. I had to lug them all around in a big bag. 

Not anymore. Inspired by the whimsical but organized bullet-planners, I set to work with a talented artist who understood the needs of a creative mind. I synthesized the organization of a seasoned CEO, the motivation and self-analysis of a life and business coach, the daily habits of a wife and/or mother, and the brainstorming techniques of a career novelist. 

Organizing them into logical (and pretty) pages, I put together what I consider the perfect planner for a career novelist/authorpreneur. Someone who wants their whole life in one, well, big book. One fabulous place to keep track of everything.

Writers and creatives are a different breed of people. We know we have to do “real world” tasks, but so much of our brain is taken up with the joy of creation. Unfortunately, we also have to “get stuff done.”

Welcome to the planner that understands.

Your story matters, friend. You can have a brilliant life and a brilliant writing career.

Let’s do this,

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Susie May